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Nicole McCuaig | Writer Director McCuaig

The Hunt for Hendra

In 1994 a deadly virus struck in suburban Brisbane killing a horse trainer and fourteen of his horses. The outbreak bamboozled everyone and there was a scramble to uncover the cause. Initially thought to be foul play in the racing scene rumors and accusations were rampant.

Coming Home Australia's RSL

Marking 100 years of the RSL’s unwavering but largely unknown support for returned personnel and their families, Coming Home, narrated byLisa McCune, reveals some of the heart breaking, yet life affirming stories of transition from Defence to life as a civilian.

Art Without Borders

Over 6 months the team at the Gallery of Modern Art work in a mad frenzy to present this unique exhibition. Breaking down cultural and language barriers to show off a fantastic collection of their work.

Panorama Punks

Australian downhill skateboarding is a fledgling sport that often resorts to outlaw events; meeting in clandestine locations to race on open roads. This is the first legitimate international event hosted by the Aussies and the best riders in the world have geared up in their leathers and sleek helmets to tame the notorious track. The documentary follows four Aussies from the Gold Coast in their quest to beat the best in the world.


Australia burns. After millions of years of gradual drying, our island continent has evolved fire adapted vegetation, fuelled by resin. Every few years when we get long dry spells the Australian bush becomes a tinderbox breaking out in firestorms. The worst of all is the uncontrollable, unstoppable WILDFIRE.

The Secret Life of Dugongs

Trevor Long from Seaworld and Janet Lanyon from The University of Queensland team up to study the elusive dugong off the coast of Stadbroke Island. The groundbreaking research includes capturing the massive mammal for sampling and study.

Black Soldier Blues

African American veterans talk candidly about the friendliness of Australians compared with their callous treatment by white American servicemen.

The Maori Guides

Indians learning the Haka? Aussies rubbing nose to nose? What is unique to New Zealand is Maori culture and visitors are seeking it out.

Alien Crustacean

Crabs are are hard to find, almost impossible to study and yet captivating. We go into the world of the crustacean and meet the people whose lifelong endeavour is to study these intriguing creatures.

This is Straddie

Stradbroke is a small island with a big history. The only way to & from Straddie is by barge or ferry which has kept the community isolated from mainland Queensland. Debate has raged about preservation of the environment on the island.

Delivering the Pandas

Wang Wang and Funi two giant panda from China became a media sensation in November 2009 when Adelaide zoo brought the pair to Australia. This one hour documentary follows the Australian team through the long panda negotiation with China.

Supreme Cat

In the high stakes cat competition there is only one winner. Over five days at the Brisbane EKKA competitors vie for the coveted title of Supreme Cat.

Port City

The documentary follows the port of Brisbane in the aftermath of the 2011 floods and oil spills in the region.

From the Quadrangle

From The Quadrangle: Tune in for a collection of stories, experiences and some new ideas about how to deal with being bullied and why we should keep talking about it.

Handle With Care

A tiger from Germany, Polar bear cubs from Quebec and pandas from China. Ten documentaries have followed some significant animal moves and their value for international conservation endeavors.

Natural Connections

From the Cove to the Cape, from the desert to the dance, international and domestic tourists are seeking knowledge of Australian Aboriginal people and their ways.

City Fringe

Subcultures have their own way of talking, dressing, dancing, and thinking. But most are plagued by shallow stereotypes that have no basis in truth.


I am a filmmaker based mostly in Queensland Australia.  I have produced and directed documentaries for Australian networks and production companies filming extensively in Australia but also a shoot across seven states in America, two shoots in China, and in remote indigenous communities.