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The Hunt for Hendra | Nicole McCuaig

The Hunt for Hendra

One hour documentary nationally broadcast on Network Ten about the Hendra virus and the scientists dedicated to cracking the vaccine. Nominated for an ATOM award.

In 1994 a deadly virus struck in suburban Brisbane killing a horse trainer and fourteen of his horses. The outbreak bamboozled everyone and there was a scramble to uncover the cause. Initially thought to be foul play in the racing scene rumors and accusations were rampant. In a dark room at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong, scientists looked at the image in front of them and knew it was dangerous. Outbreaks of Hendra are recurring and although the disease is slow to move it is lethal. The next big virus is around the corner it might be just as lethal but able to move faster; a devastating combination. The Hendra story has told us we need to be ready.

Production Co: Sat 02 Jun 2012 Full version at tenplay